When it comes to metal, nothing can define the music more than the master behind the AXE! Different types of vocals, drums, etc...but the guitar is what can either make or break a metal group. Throughout the years, guitarist have come and gone, but there is no doubt that these are some of the top metal guitarist that have ever existed. No real order, just 5 dudes that know how to play the axe!

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    Darrell "Dimebag" Abbot

    Dimebag Darrell was the guitarist of legendary metal group Pantera and went on to play in Damage Plan. How could I not put this fine "Beast of a Man" on the top? He defines everything that is metal to me. From his kick ass attitude, his signature guitars, and just the grinding sound that this man could create from a 6-string. This man treated his instrument like a baby, but abused it so good to create some of the best songs in metal. When you look at a Dean ML, you instantly associate it with Dimebag. Although, Dime was taken from us too early, his legacy will continue in his music. RIP Dime!

    Darrell "Dimebag" Abbot was shot and killed on-stage during a performance with Damage Plan.

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    Zakk Wylde

    When you think of a metal guitarist, most people think of Zakk Wylde. Leader of the Black Label Society and former Ozzy Osbourne guitarist., this man can shred like no other. He shredded so hard one time, that his hand started to bleed all over the guitar. Did Zakk stop? EFF' NO! Nothing can stop the metal! Known for really long solo's during his sets, Zakk Wylde knows how to bring, and he will every time.

    Zakk is still out there rockin' but was asked to leave Ozzy's band due to rampant drinking which affected his health, he now continues with Black Label Society. No worries though, Ozzy and him are still really good friends.

    Fun Fact: Darrell "Dimebag" Abbot was his best friend.


    Black Label Society
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    Who is Virus? The man behind the grind machine know as Dope. Something about the sound this man brings out a guitar is intoxicating. It just sounds awesome! The amount of activity this guy does on stage too, even brings more out of his guitar. Virus creates guitar riffs that you can head bang and mosh too. Just pure crunchy metal!

    Dope is still around, but Virus is now a full-time member of Device, David Draimen of Disturbed's side project.

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    Brendon Small

    The leader of the pack that is Dethklok! This man cannot only draw and voice the most metal cartoon of all time, but he can shred like a beast. Listen to any song like "I Ejaculate Fire" or "Thunderhorse," and you will here this man ripping up the fretboard. Not only can he bring the brutality on the frets, but the vocals (while shredding) this man belts out, is pure metal.

    Brendon Small is rumored to be working on the next season of Metalocalype. Dethklok recently released "Dethalbum 3."

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    Randy Rhoads

    Just listen to solo of "Mr. Crowley" and tell me you didn't want to pick up a guitar and start playing then and there. Seriously! This man was the pinnacle of guitar when it came to metal for me. I still get goosebumps when I hear the "Mr. Crowley" solo, it's just that awesome. Like Dimebag, taken from us to early.

    Randy Rhoads died in a plane crash with the intent to scare band members by flying closely to the tour bus. The plane on the 3rd run clipped the tour bus, spiraled out of control and crashed at a nearby garage.

    Randy Rhoads