Thanks to the internet, you no longer have to look through magazines to find a review of a popular video game. Even better, people my age are posting up videos of them doing Retro Video Game reviews of games I grew up with, and they are hilarious. There are a lot of them out there, but which are my fav's?


  • Angry Video Game Nerd

    The name of the man really says it all, the Angry Video Game Nerd. This was the first reviewer I ever saw on YouTube, and I still watch him till this day awaiting his next video.

    You could call AVGN the grand-daddy of it all. Retro Game reviews really got a nice kick in the butt with James Rolfe's character. You can watch the AVGN kill Bugs Bunny, urinate and crap on NES cartridges, explain why LJN sucks, and overall just relive your frustrations of gaming in the past. He plays s***ty games, so you don't have too. Another thing great about AVGN is that he teaches you what the game is about, how it was created, and why it does it exist. It really grabs you into the episodes.

    The amount of passion and work that James puts into his video are really showcased, and he has quite the talent for film making. It's his passion and people like me who watch his videos over and over again (and bought his DVD's) that have spawned well over 100 episodes. James is currently working on a feature length film starring the Angry Video Game Nerd.

    Check out for some AVGN!

  • JonTron

    I only recently started watching JonTron last  year, and man...this guy is sublime...he's god like...he's GOOOOoooood (see video for quote)

    If you watch his Daikatana review, he starts off as a typical game reviewer. However, he then evolved into this character that is just hilarious. From his weird ways of setting up game consoles, yelling, singing about Star Fox Adventures sucks, and his views of Sonic Team, you can't help but watch his videos at least 234 per video, they are just that funny.

    Jon seems to have an obsession with the SNES and N64 era of video games, hence why I find him quite relatable and feel his pain on everything. Unlike AVGN, JonTron doesn't just focus on old games. He does a newer game here and there, plus some PC stuff too.

    Jon is one of the most entertaining game reviewers online, and I look forward to his videos every time he posts' one.

    Check out JonTron at
  • Egoraptor

    Alright he's not necessarily a video game reviewer, but he makes cartoon that have brought in over 1,000,000 subscriptions on YouTube...which is NUTS!

    If you want to pee your pants, watch one of his cartoons. He is quite the talented animator, and brings out some of the shortcomings of video games in the most hilarious ways. Most likely one of his best cartoons is his Metal Gear Awesome toons. I really can't describe them to you, so go check them out on his YouTube Channel.

    On the reviewer end, he has a series he updates not very frequently, but it's GOLD! Sequelitis, where he gives a very in-depth review of sequels to games. His best work I would say would be his Mega Man X video, where he basically freaks out on how awesome this game is. Favorite quote?


    Need I say more?
  • Nostalgia Critic

    We all watch movies right? There are really good ones, and there are insane flops! Doug Walker, also known as the Nostalgia Critic is quite amazing when it comes to reviewing some of the worst movies of all time.

    Ever seen Batman & Robin? Nostalgia Critic shows you all the reasons why it's a really bad movie in his own humorous way. He get's pretty close to almost taking a cyanide pill to off himself before watching that atrocity! (jokingly of course...) Some of his best and nostalgic work is when he attacks old commercials, which he has dedicated 4 episodes.

    The nice thing about Nostalgia Critic is that it is simple and to the point. You get exactly what you came for in every one of his episodes, reviews with a good amount of humor.

    Check out his vid's at
  • Spoony

    I will admit, I haven't watched everything this guy has to offer, but from what I have seen. It's awesome! His incredibly in depth review of Final Fantasy 8 was hilarious to watch and he also reviews PC games, like Pumpkinheads Revenge, which is just a god awful game.

    He does delve into movie territory as well, so you get the best of both worlds.