I will be honest: I barely played many new video games this year.

It was an insanely busy year for me! I got married, went on a cruise, got promoted at my job, etc.

However, I did find some time here and there to play a few video games. The ones that I played were pretty good. I can't say that I played a bad game this year, which I think is good in itself.

Here is a list of some of my favorite games this year, in no particular order.


  • Super Mario 3D World

    You may already know this, but I am quite the Nintendo Fan Boy. I love me some Nintendo! WiiU sadly has not picked up the momentum it needs to be succesful, and most people say it is because it really has no games for it yet. Then this game came along and changed that a bit for me. Is it a system seller? I wouldn't go that far, but it is insanely fun! It takes the usual Mario formula and proves that it is still just a fun when you popped that cartridge into your NES back in the 1980's. The 'Cat Suit' was met with quirked eyebrows, but works really well. The music is great and the control is extremely solid. Plus, the boss battles can be quite epic at times. Let's not forget the multi-player! In New Super Mario Bros. For Wii, I really didn't like the multi-player. However, in this game, it works quite well. Plus, you can use ANY Wii/WiiU controller for it. I suggest the WiiU Pro-Controller though. If you were thinking about purchasing a WiiU, this is a must-buy.

  • The Last of Us

    I'll be honest about this game: I never fully got through it. (Remember the busy part?) Something about this game though said: "Sit down, Ned, and just take a look at this game." While I have really only played the game for about a good couple hours, the beginning of this game just grabs you. I won't give away the start of it, but I will put you to the test and bet that you will want to play the game after you play through the intro of the game. All of the story aside, the game looks amazing! Especially if you have nice HDTV to show it off.

  • Legend of Zelda: Wind Waker HD

    I know, the original game came out in 2003, but during that time I never really played it. I can say though, this game got me to purchase the WiiU! Knowing that an HD version of this game was going to be included with the system (being a HUGE Zelda fan), I had to have the new system and this new version of the game. The use of the game pad is amazing! I was skeptical at first, but having your inventory just a click away instead of pausing and un-pausing, is very convenient. When this game first came out with it's interesting cell-shaded cartoony graphics, it was met with doubts. When converted to HD, the colors and the cell shading look amazing! Steering the boat in the vast waterland is amazing to look at. Start of your WiiU experience with this game!

  • Grand Theft Auto V

    The last Grand Theft Auto game that I played was Grand Theft Auto III. It has been quite some time since I last played a GTA game. My friends were all talking about how they all wanted to play online, and I thought: "Run around with friends, complete missions and take out other players? That sounds like fun." I have yet to really dive into the actual story of the game, but the online is a blast and I find myself laughing and having fun 100 percent of the time. I am also not a big fan of open-world games. I like to be told where to go. This game kind of changed that for me. GTA 5 offers so much variety and a ton to do, how could you not like it? I will say though, after visiting a strip club in the game., I do not suggest this game for younger children. However, I already know this game is in the hands of small children everywhere. Do your research parents! (They're your kids, though, so do what you'd like.)

  • Multiple SNES, NES, PSX, Genesis games

    Like I said, I was quite the busy guy this year. If you are married or ever been married and planned a large wedding, you know how much work it is! In my down time to de-stress, I played video games that didn't require a lot of thought or had a story line that I could easily forget. Games like Super Mario Bros. 3, Actraiser, Blasto, Die Hard Trilogy, Super Punch Out, Star Fox, etc. These type of games you can get your game fix for the day and just kind of forget about everything that is going on. With all of my money tied up in my wedding/honeymoon/cruise, purchasing a $60 game was steep. However, I have a ton of old games. Save some cash and dig out the oldies!