Along with all of the great bands performing this past weekend at Rock on the Range, there was plenty of other great things to do! As a video gamer, there was one place that I was required to stop by. Video Games? Rock? Playstation had what I needed!

It was really cool! I have yet to really sink my teeth into the Playstation 4, and at Rock on the Range, I was able to do just that!

I got to play Infamous: Second Son, Lego Marvel, and this cool 'schmup' game that really showcased the power of the Playstation 4! I also registered to win a Playstation prize pack, let's hope I win, cause I would really like one.

Just a quick little review. I really like the Playstation 4's controller. The analog sticks were something that I never really liked on PS' controllers, and this time around, they put a gap in them giving you a WAY better grip. The graphics also look amazing!

There was well over 10 Playstation 4 and PS Vita's all hooked up in this massive trailer, and it was really cool to see it! I hope someday there will be a Nintendo one...doubtful though.

Kudos to Sony for being at this huge event though, as a promoter, this was a really good choice.