I love tattoos and piercings, and I always have.

I have had gauges in my ears and an arm band on my left arm (which I want to get altered).

Sadly, I can't get piercings anymore due to keloid scars that have grown on my ears. Tattoos on the other hand, still seem to work for me. Recently, I went and got a new tattoo to celebrate my recent changes in life, and here is the result.

Here it is! Conceived by me, and designed by Chris Miller of Wicked Ways Tattoos and Piercings!

Every tattoo for me has to have a meaning.

If you listen to me or even read any of my blogs, you'll know that I am quite the gaming freak. I have been playing games since I could basically walk. I remember my father walking into our house on Leonard St, grasping in his arms this blocky thing with cords hanging from it, with a strange orange gun around the early '90s.

It was the Nintendo Entertainment System, and it was love at first sight.

Since that day, video games have been pretty much involved in most things that I do, including my job, wedding, music choices, etc.

If I could be a professor at a university and teach video game history, I would go back to college for it because I enjoy reading and researching the history of video games for my leisure time.

I don't just play video games, I like to look into why this game exist, who created it, how was it conceived, how well it was received, why is it so rare, etc. Gaming today is EXTREMELY mainstream.

However, gaming back then was considered 'nerdy' or 'toys,' and not so media-driven like it is nowadays.

I wanted something that symbolized that gaming flows through my bloodstream. Hence why you see the cord of the Nintendo controller injected into my wrist. It truly is a lifeline for me, and it was captured very well on my arm. Being the NES as my first forage into video gaming, the NES controller was my 'Start Button.'

Artist: Chris Miller (Wicked Ways Tattoo's)

See what I did there?