Even though I am a metal-man, we all have to start somewhere. Many people may consider this band stupid or tongue in cheek, but I will never stop loving KISS. If it wasn't for these 4 guys in war paint, I would never have loved rock as much as I do today. I have seen them a few times, but every show I go to is just as awesome as the previous one...except.

My KISStory starts far back to about 2000. When a friend of mine named Mike popped in a VHS tape of a movie named 'Detroit Rock City.' During this time, I didn't really have any kind of direction in music. I was listening to pop, rap metal, and whatever I could get my hands on, but there was no music that really I latched onto. Then I saw these 4 guys in make-up and fell in love with the whole concept.

The music, the show, the costumes, and the history! I wanted to know more about this band named KISS! I watched the end concert scene about a billion times, just watching the pandemonium that was a KISS show! I had to see this!

Brenda Chase, Getty Images

Unfortunately at the time, KISS was considered retired. The one band that I finally latched myself onto, was retired...what a bombshell. Then out of left field and visiting KISSONLINE.com numerous times. In 2003, it was announced that KISS would tour with Aerosmith for the summer, with a schedule date in Detroit at Comerica Park! Ecstatic, I got tickets, asked my parents to allow me to skip school for a day and we traveled to Detroit with my friend Mike. In the hotel, we slathered on the KISS make-up and got to our seat. It was Saliva, Ted Nugent, KISS, then Aerosmith, and the ticket was a whopping $75.

Ted Nugent finished up and New Generation from The Who started to play. Mike, my brother, and I were sitting and waiting. Then that iconic scream during the song belted out and this huge KISS banner dropped and covered the stage! I jumped out of my seat excited as f***! The whole place went dark and then I heard it...


Those first strings started playing to 'Detroit Rock City,' the banner dropped, and there they were. Gene, Paul, Tommy, and Peter! It was awesome. 3 years of just watching video's, listening to albums, reading articles. I finally was witnessing what I could only hear by cranking my stereo up to 11. KISS was in Detroit and everyone get out of the way!

From that point forward, my love for KISS only grew. This was the first time I had ever seen this band, and I owe it to them the reason I listen to the music that I do today. If it wasn't for KISS, I don't know what I would be doing right now. They changed a lot of things for me. I love being on stage and being in front of people, it's an exhilarating experience for me. KISS brought out that feeling of, it doesn't matter what people think of you or how they judge you, just do what you want to do!

KISS will be in Detroit this Saturday with Def Leppard...I'll see you there!