With the announcement of the 2014 Rockstar Mayhem Festival, Korn is setting out to promote the tour! What better place to chat about it than with WGRD? Check out this BRAND NEW interview with Metalhead Ned and Davis mentions that there is some writing going on for a new Korn album!

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Most of the guys in the band are all family men. How do you balance family and the touring life?

"It's hard man, I'm not gonna lie. It really sucks! But for me personally, I gotta have my boys and family and I love touring, so they kind of have to coexist. I bring Zeppy (Davis' Son) on tour with me all of the time, and he's gonna come out on tour with my this time too. I get to hang with my babies."

With the exception of Ray (Korn's drummer), you guys have had dreadlocks for years. When was the last time would you say you had "normal" hair?

"About 22 years ago. It's still growing, my hair grows like a weed. I just haven't able to comb it all of these years, and that just sucks."

Head and Fieldy have all written books about their experiences. Have you ever thought of writing a book yourself?

"Yea, I am kind of starting to get into that. I'm just trying to find the right author for it, it's gonna be crazy. It's not gonna be like a religious book like the last ones. It'll be about my life, not so much about Korn. More about my life and everything that I have done and all the stuff that I have gone through."

You guys basically just released "The Paradigm Shift." Have you looked into releasing a new album by the end of the year or next year?

"Most likely gonna start on it next year we'll get going on it. I'm even gonna write some music this week that are Korn songs, so we'll see what happens."

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