There is some crazy metal out there man. Sure we hear the usual stuff like Slipknot, Trivium, Five Finger Death Punch, but once you start digging into the underground, you will find some really heavy nastiness, that is where WATAIN comes in!

Watain is a Black Metal band that hails from the land of Swedan (where you can find some really heavy stuff when it comes to music). They were formed in 1998 and have performed at many different metal festivals. You won't see them headlining the Van Andel Arena, but you would most likely see these guys at The Intersection or maybe even The Orbit Room.

Their first 7" EP The Essence of Black Purity and their latest album was realeased in 2010 named Lawless Darkness.

These guys are some of the most extreme groups out there. Marilyn Manson was given so much crap when he first jumped onto the scene, but there is much more madness out there....Watain is an example....let's see....Devil Worship, dead animal parts, and more.....but even those things are up for debate.

You want some hardcore crap? Look no further than Watain!