With their massacre of hard driving thrash metal, Slayer claims the spot of this week's Metal Moment!

Slayer is considered one of the "Big Four" (Metallica, Anthrax and Megadeth making up the other three,) and has a metal following like no other. If you have listened to a bunch of metal songs, one of them was probably by Slayer

The band is known to have the craziest mosh pits and fiercly dedicated fans. I recently checked them out during the "Hell on Earth tour." I feel a strong obligation, nay, DUTY set forth by the metal gods to tell you that Kerry King (along with his B.C Rich guitar and massive chains hanging from his belt,) really knows how to explode the collective brainstem of a crowd

Songs to check: Reign in Blood, South of Heaven, Hell Awaits

Albums to Check: South of Heaven, Reign in Blood, Christ Illusion