This weeks Metal Moment goes to: Rob Zombie

This man I feel needs no introduction, he is really that bad ass. Starting off in his original band White Zombie, Rob Zombie decided to go solo and bring a monster show around the world.

What is unique about Rob Zombie is that he bring his addiction and fascination of horror movies and monsters to his stage and music, it is molds together extremely well.

I recently checked out Rob Zombie about 2 days ago and the show was MASSIVE! Pyro, robots, aliens, women, monsters, etc.

If there is a show to see before your gone, Rob Zombie is one of those.

Songs to check: Dragula, Pussy Liquor, Living Dead Girl, Demonoid Phenomenon, Feel So Good, Sick Bubblegum

Albums to check: Hellbilly Deluxe, Sinister Urge, Past-Present-Future