Imagine if you were to put Superman, Batman, Wolverine, Beast, and Nemesis all together. You would get a pretty bad ass team of insanity known as a 'Supergroup!' Now let's do this...take members from Pantera, Damageplan, Mudvayne, and Nothing Face and throw them all together....what do you get? You get HELLYEAH!

Hellyeah is a band created from some of the metal masterminds of our time. How could you really go wrong with Vinnie Paul on Drums, Chad Grey on vocals, Bobzilla on Bass, and Greg Tribbet and Tom Maxwell on guitar? It's just pure metal insanity man! Best part? It works really well.

Hellyeah has released 3 albums to date. First being a self titled album named 'Hellyeah.' Second being 'Stampede,' and their most recent one 'Band of Brothers.' Each album has spawned a good amount of singles, especially their first album. I would even consider some of HellYeah's tunes 'Party Metal.' Songs like 'Drink, Drank, Drunk,' 'Alchohalin' Ass,' and 'Cowboy Way,' are just some of the songs that you hang with your friends and shoot some Black Tooth Grin too.

At your next party, take out the Cee-Lo, 50 Cent (quickly flush it down the toilet), or whatever out of your stereo and pop in HELLYEAH.....PURE....AMERICAN....METAL....

Tracks to check: Hellyeah, Cowboy Way, Band of Brothers, Matter of Time, Alcholin' Ass

Albums: Hellyeah, Stampede, and Band of Brothers (Specifically the 1st and 2nd)

I also got the chance in interview Vinnie Paul and Tom Maxwell, check it out below!