Been awhile since we have a had a Metal Moment isn't it? Well with all the craziness of the recent Phil Anselmo interview, I couldn't help but recognize Phil's band that came upon the metal world while he was in Pantera, and that is DOWN!

Down is a band that is basically a Pantera/Crowbar/Corrosion of Conformity super group. Phil coming from Pantera, Kirk Windsteen and Pat Bruders of Crowbar, and even Pepper Keenen from COC. It's a blend of metal awesomeness!

Formed in 1991, Down is a mixture of Sludge Metal, Heavy Metal, Stoner Rock, and Southern Metal. The first record they released was named NOLA, which came out in 1995. The most recognized track from the NOLA record was "Stone the Crow." They have had 3 albums, and are expected to release a new EP very soon!

Rex Brown of Pantera also joined Down for a period of time, which was pretty cool to see Rex and Phil on the same stage again. Recently, Rex left the group to form KILL DEVIL HILL.

Down will begin touring on May 18th, and make a stop at Rock on the Range in Ohio! Gonna be a sweet show!

Albums to check: NOLA......the first.....the best!