This weeks Metal Moment goes to: Dethklok.

I know what your saying...that's just a band from a TV show Metalocalype, they are fake! That is where you are wrong! Consider Dethklok the most metal and brutal band of all time (at least that's what they say). Originally started off as a joke metal band, Dethklok has really evolved to a substantial metal band. Just listen to their first album first, and then their second album. They mature in their sound!

They are damn good, so check them out!

You can easily do that by watching the most Metal show of all time: Metalocalypse on Adult Swim via Cartoon Network.

Songs to check: Bloodlines, Birthday Dethday, Laser Cannon Death Sentence, Murmaider, Duncan Hills Coffee Jingle, Briefcase full of guts

Albums to check: Dethalbum 1 or 2 (Dethalbum 2 is the best)