Time for a long overdue METAL MOMENT! Been awhile since I have done one of these. This is a band I discovered not to long ago, and if you are a HARCORE metal head, than this a band that should not be missed. After hearing some of their tunes, this is music that you might have some trouble finding here in America. This Metal Moment is dedicated to: BEHEMOTH!

To my knowledge, this is one of the most intense bands I have ever heard. I have yet to see them live, but after watching some music videos and live performance videos...this is really something I need to check out.

Behemoth hails from across the world in the land of Poland and are credited in establishing the Poland extreme metal underground. There sound is some of the most intense metal I have ever heard and when people ask me what is the heaviest band you are listening to, I reply Behemoth.

Behemoth is currently on the ROCKSTAR MAYHEM FESTIVAL and will be stopping in Grand Rapids for an off-tour show with Children of Bodom, Huntress, Amon Amarth, and more at the Intersection.