If you are the "King of Metal," and you are calling upon the demons of metal to take down terrible music, you would most likely want the lead singer of Arch Enemy to be your "Queen." That's right...this woman is one "Major Metal Bad-Ass" and so is the whole band, Arch Enemy.

Arch Enemy is a metal group from Sweden, and is one of those bands that if you are a metal head, you (hopefully) know who Arch Enemy is. Most people would find Arch Enemy unique cause of...well... many people would mistake the lead singer for a man, but no way....this girl is total metal fueled!  Just check out the video below and see how impressive her vocals are! I can't wait for Arch Enemy to hit the states!

Female + metal vocals = effing awesome

Besides the lead vocalist, the guitar work is absolutely shredding at some of it's best. The solo to their single "Nemesis" has this...."Yes, I conquered the world mother f_____" feeling to it.

Albums to check: Doomsday Machine, Khaos Legion, Root of all evil

Songs to check: Nemesis, Burning Angel, The Day you Died