Anthrax is on their way to Orbit Room October 14th, it is only the best that Anthax takes this weeks METAL MOMENT on WGRD!

Hailing from the era known as the 80's, Anthrax is one of the "Big 4." (Others being, Metallica, Megadeth, and Slayer).

Anthrax is a band that just won't die! Which is freakin' awesome. In some of today's act, the death of a band member usually means the band is over. NOT FOR ANTHRAX, they have had well over 20 different band members throughout their run!  Crazy!

Anthrax recently released their latest album "Worship Music," and is now available.

Anthrax will be destroying the ORBIT ROOM on OCTOBER 14th with TESTAMENT! Check out WGRD.COM for more!