Straight from the land of Sweden, metal group Meshuggah will be unleashing their new album named 'Koloss' on March 27. According to the band, the new album will pretty much blow your mind and is fit for anyone who digs the heavy s___.

The album will be available in digital, CD, and even double LP brown vinyl. The new album is a follow up to their 2008 release, "oBzen," which made it to No. 59 on The Billboard 200 Charts. Will this one follow the success of the last album or surpass it?

"As always, we try to take our music in a slightly different direction with each album and with 'Koloss', we feel that we really nailed what we were going for. Organic brutality, viscera and groove all crammed into a 54-minute metalicious treat, best avoided by the faint of heart!!"

Along with the release of the album, Meshuggah is in the planning stage of a 2012 tour in North America (along with every other group that seems to be touring this year...)

Koloss from Meshuggah is due out March 27 this year!