Given that they are both former members of Metallica, one would think Dave Mustaine and Jason Newsted would get along famously.

However, that appears not to be the case, as we learn that Newsted’s self-titled band has been thrown off an Australian tour by headliner Megadeth.

“At the request of Megadeth, Newsted will not be playing the below Sidewaves and instead will be replaced by Whitechapel,” reads a message on the website for the Soundwave Festival, a package tour that will hit five Australian cities between Feb. 22 and March 3.

The Sidewaves are theater shows put on the festival’s organizers and featuring many of the festival’s acts. Newsted was slated to open for Megadeth on Feb. 25 in Sydney and Feb. 27 in Melbourne.

Megadeth and Newsted appeared together during last summer’s Gigantour without incident. Newsted even sat in and sang lead with Megadeth on ‘Phantom Lord,’ a Metallica song co-written by Mustaine, at one show.

Soundwaves promoter AJ Maddah has been responding to fans’ questions about the decision.

“Something has certainly gone down although we have no details,” he said. “Maybe there is a problem between managers or agents."

He does say that the inclusion of Whitechapel was Mustaine’s choice.

Many acts take the opportunity to play extra Sidewave shows while they're traveling around the country.

The interpersonal struggles within Metallica and its past members have been complicated to say the least, and fans won't help but wonder if there is a connection there.

The official Soundwave Festival website reads:

At the request of MEGADETH, NEWSTED will not be playing the below sidewaves and instead will be replaced by WHITECHAPEL.

Maddah has also been publicly answering questions regarding the situation on his Twitter page:

The annual Soundwave Festival begins Feb. 22 in Brisbane and will conclude in Perth on March 3.