And a story in the news a couple weeks ago about a guy that is suing an airlines because the flight attendent refused to examine his bleeding genitals......haha...this ones nuts!  Pun intended!

You guys ever heard of a ruptured vein in your scrotum?   I have not, but is sure doesn’t  sound fun and I hope it never happens to me.....a dude was flying from Montreal to Mexico when his scrotum bust....a ruptured vain of some, that sounds he went into the bathroom....told the flight attendant blood was shooting out of his sack and asked them to examine it for him....cuz he couldn't get a good look at the damage.....but the flight attendant all said...."no way Jose, were not looking at your balls" the guy wrapped his nuts up in a t-shirt....and when the plane landed went straight to the hospital where doctors but 8 stitches in his man the dude decided to sue the airlines for stress and anxiety, cuz none of the flight crew would examine his bleeding nuts......but...a judge just threw the lawsuit of out court last week saying quote " it was not incumbent upon a flight attendant to conduct a medical examine of a passengers balls,.....that is a measure reserved for the medical profession" a creepy story.....your sack exploding on an airplane.....I didn't even know sacks could explode!  Apparently they can!