When it comes to taking a do-it-yourself approach to creating music, few are as successful as Brooklyn, NY duo Matt & Kim. The release of their fourth studio album, Lightning, has elevated the "Daylight" and "Let's Go" hitmakers to even bigger stardom. Matt & Kim took some time with us to go over their success at Lollapalooza in Chicago on Friday (August 2).

Even if you aren't familiar with Matt & Kim, chances are you at least heard snippets of their music in Verizon Wireless and Bacardi ads, and in TV shows like NBC's Community and Fox's The Mindy Project.

"We've been so lucky to make no expectations for us ever," frontman Matt Johnson says. "We just always love making music. That's why we started and that's why we continue. And we've just been lucky to have things just keep on moving on up. People can go on the website for Lollapalooza and RSVP for a set and add it to their calendar. We had something like 25,000 RSVP's to our set. That was more than certain bands that were closing the main stage. I was just excited to see so many people excited to see us at this festival that I love."

Matt & Kim are currently one of the most creative artists in contemporary music. From the way they construct music videos to planning the best "Harlem Shake" get-together, the couple ensures that they make memorable impressions on new and old fans alike. However, they know it's a challenge to outdo themselves every time.

"I think it's because you always want to be doing something crazier than you've done," says drummer Kim Schifino. "But I think Matt has been killing it at coming up with ideas that are crazier and ideas that you could tell someone, 'Oh did you see this 'It's Alright' video from Matt & Kim? They dance in bed with hardly any clothes on.' Like, I want to see that!"

Check out the full interview below. Matt & Kim will continue to make the festival rounds for the remainder of 2013. You can find all of the band's tour dates on their official website.

Watch Matt & Kim Interview at Lollapalooza 2013

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