Today, we found out the Oscar Nominated Actor Bob Hoskins has passed away. Most people will always remember him for his starring role in "Who Framed Roger Rabbit?" and his many other films, but there is one that you are most likely thinking, "Go figure, of course that is Metalhead Ned's favorite Bob Hoskins movie."

You guessed right!

That critically shunned movie, Super Mario Bros.

I have went in depth of whether this movie was REALLY that bad before, but I will give my personal thoughts of it.

Although the movie is hated by many, including Hoskins himself, I enjoyed the hell out of it. Why? Because it was just a crazy action flick with Super Mario Bros. stuff in it. It didn't follow extremely closely what Super Mario Bros. is, but it did have the basic storyline.

2 Plumbers are in a crazy world attempting to save a Princess from a lizard man.

I can't really think of another actor who could have fit the role of Mario as well as Bob Hoskins did. He had the look, the size, and even the trademark mustache. Keep in mind, this was WAY before Mario had any kind of voice in a video game, so we really didn't know what Mario sounded like. There was the Captain Lou Albano version of Mario as well, from the cartoon show.

As far as we were concerned, Mario sounded like a tubby dude with a throat issue.

In the end, Hollywood lost a great actor today. Even if Bob Hoskins said that the Super Mario Bros. movie was his "Worst thing he has ever done," I still enjoyed it to it's fullest, and I will remember Bob Hoskins for his role as Mario Mario.

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