The Nintendo WiiU has had a rough start making it work in the new video game generation. It barely has any games that say you need to buy a WiiU, and sadly really doesn't have much coming out for it either. 3rd Party Developers have abandoned it and most consumers still don't get it. One of the games that give a good hope for the console though, is Mario Kart 8. From what I have played, it's a good reason to explore a new purchase.

Today, May 30, the new Mario Kart game came out for WiiU. Mario Kart games have always been a really good and fun to play, and pretty much anyone can pick them up and play. The last Mario Kart game that I really enjoyed was Mario Kart 64. After that generation faded out, everyone jumped the Nintendo ship to get a PS2 or Xbox, while I stuck it out with Nintendo and their Gamecube console. Since Mario Kart 64, I have had trouble finding reason to play another Mario Kart game, cause everybody left!

After playing Mario Kart 8, I got that old feeling back.

A couple friends and myself were playing the game and just watching the game as we played it, like REALLY watching. The levels looked great, the anti-gravity is awesome, it's flippin' Mario Kart.

Before I left my home to go to the friends house to play it, I grabbed one of my WiiU Pro Controllers and stopped in my tracks real quick and said,

"Look at this, I'm about to go to a friends house and play a Nintendo console."

For the longest time, I went to friends homes and played Xbox 360 or PS3. Games with shooting, blood, headshots, etc. This time I was going to a friends house to play a game with colorful fun characters and turtle shells, and it was something that I haven't felt in awhile when playing video games...

I had this thing called 'Fun.'

See, when playing an Xbox 360 or PS3 game, I felt serious. Like we had to complete this mission to have fun. Don't get me wrong, I have fun when playing those games, but it's a different kind of fun. Mario Kart 8 was that 'childish' type of fun that brought me back where friends hung around next to each other on one TV and not on the Internet.

We had a pizza, some pop, and controllers. That's all we needed, and it was awesome.

I would go into detail about the game itself, which I will at some point, but I wanted to give you just a quick first impression of the game. Get yourself a copy of Mario Kart 8 and have some fun.