Atlanta indie rockers Manchester Orchestra have premiered the music video for "Simple Math", the title track to their upcoming album that's due out May 10. The video is as dramatic as the song itself.

The opening scene shows frontman Andy Hull driving in his truck. The singer is dozing off and veers off the road to avoid hitting a deer. The clip starts to slow down as the truck is flipping over into the woods and focuses on Hull singing the words to "Simple Math".

His life seems to literally flash before his eyes, as the scene transitions to Hull when he was a child and his father, who he seemingly has a tense relationship with. As the video progresses so do the intense effects, and more of Hull's childhood is revealed.

Speaking to IFC, Andy Hull revealed how revealing Simple Math is as a whole.

"It's really really honest to the point that it's kind of embarrassing for me," the singer said. "It is just so personal. It tells the entire story of the time me and my wife almost split up. It is a conversation between me and my wife and God and each piece is like a puzzle piece, not a song."

Hull continued: "Musically it's really cool. I think it's really good and it will surprise people. I don't think people don't expect us to be as good as we are on this album."

Watch the video to "Simple Math" below. Do you like it? Personally, I can't wait for the new album to come out. They were great live when they opened up for Silversun Pickups at the Orbit Room in September of 2009. Try to find the classic Nintendo game system making a cameo in the vid.

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