Supposedly, there's a "controversy" over Madonna's recent photo shoot and interview with some magazine called "Interview".  Wow, nice name.  I'm guessing they game walkthroughs?

Anyway, Madonna did her interview and then posed for a gallery they posted.  People are apparently weirded out by the fact that she shows a lot of boob.  Hello?  It's freaking Madonna!  That's what she's always done!

But I guess it's different since she's 56 now.  The boobs still look good, so what's the problem?

My problem:  Some of the photos are just kind of freaking weird.

I mean, what's up with the bondage mask with the flower on it?  I get that people are trying to create art, but why does it have to be so out there and weird?  What's not artistic about a nice set of boobs?

That's just my take on it.