Alright I'm a little annoyed. Last year I was the rep for GRD as part of the Michigan Association of Broadcasters. Now it didn't really entail very much but I was in charge of a few inner office happenings; ie- office parties, stocking bathrooms, etc. I liked this job and I think I am pretty good at it!

For one thing, we have a SERIOUS problem at GRD... I am the only female and with people like Stoner Andy milling around the bathrooms take serious beatings... as in I gag when I go in there. So I made sure that there is nice air fresheners in there to make sure I will survive when I use the bathroom after someone like Stoner Andy.

Other than that I am clearly as fun as Shaffee so my office parties are awesome! Free beer for everyone is pretty cool right? Not to mention I nominated our production guy Gene for an MAB award which he won!

Alright just had to get that off my chest, Shaffee is like my brother here so I don't really want to dog on the guy I just want the position that was already mine!

So you guys please remember, come November 5th when the poll is open that a vote for Jackie is a vote for GRD and a vote for AMERICA!!!