Halestorm's Lzzy Hale revealed her ten favorite cover songs this week for Revolver. She is clearly one of the hottest women in rock and since I'm the undisputed quintessential stud muffin of rock radio, I've decided to reveal my own top ten.

Before we go any further, I'd like to confess that I just stole the "quintessential stud muffin" line from former pro wrestling personality Joel Gertner.  I always thought his work on the mic was outstanding.  I usually would never intentionally steal someone else's words because only a hack would do something like that, but this is a blog about cover songs which by definition means it's all about a lack of creativity.  Lzzy posted her favorite covers to help promote the release of her band's new album of cover songs.  I then took that idea and turned it into my own blog because I have a quota to reach as part of my job.  Then I "covered" Joel Gertner by referring to myself as the "quintessential stud muffin" of rock radio while he for years prior called himself the "quintessential stud muffin" of wrestling.  It's late at night and this is tripping me out.

Maybe it's less about stealing someone else's ideas and more about celebrating those ideas by paying homage.  Yeah, that's what it is!  I'm honoring Joel Gertner by knowingly using his famous catch phrase.  He should be grateful that a talented guy like me just blatantly and unapologetically ripped him off.


Here are Lzzy's favorites...

5.  SEETHER - "Careless Whisper" originally by Wham!

4.  DORO PESCH - "White Wedding" originally by Billy Idol

3.  ADRENALINE MOB - "Barracuda" originally by Heart

2.  METALLICA - "Whiskey In The Jar" (famous Irish traditional song) also released by The Dubliners and Thin Lizzy

1.  DEVICE & LZZY HALE - "Close My Eyes Forever" originally by Lita Ford & Ozzy Osbourne


Here are my ten favorite cover songs...

10.  ZUG IZLAND - "Cry" originally released on The Lost Boys soundtrack as "Cry Little Sister"


09.  OASIS - "I Am the Walrus" originally by The Beatles


08.  NIRVANA - "Where Did You Sleep Last Night" folk song also known as "In The Pines" and "Black Girl" originally released by Lead Belly


07.  PEARL JAM - "Last Kiss" originally by Wayne Cochran


06.  MOTLEY CRUE - "Smokin' In The Boys Room" originally by Brownsville Station


05.  MARILYN MANSON - "Sweet Dreams (Are Made of This)" originally by Eurythmics


04.  LOS LOBOS - "La Bamba" Mexican folk song originally released by Ritchie Valens


03.  GUNS N' ROSES - "Look at Your Game, Girl" originally by Charles Manson


02.  QUIET RIOT - "Cum on Feel the Noize" originally by Slade


01.  JOHNNY CASH - "Hurt" originally by Nine Inch Nails


There are many other cover songs out there that are probably worthy of being on my list, but just didn't occur to me in the 15 minutes it took to put this together.  What is your favorite cover song?