Lucy Pinder is a good example of being in the right place at the right time. She was discovered on a beach by a photographer in England in 2003, signed to a modeling contract the next day just because of the pics, and has become one of the top glamor models in the business. All because she took the girls to the beach. Yes, those girls. If this is the talent hanging out at beaches in the UK we are planning a trip right now.

Pinder has been on the cover of Nuts magazine (the UK version of Playboy) over 50 times and has the UK’s top selling calendar for five straight years. Pinder posed topless in the Royal Wedding commemorative issue of Nuts magazine in April 2011. We have that issue in our collection of Royal Wedding memorabilia. Our Royal Wedding memorabilia collection includes only that issue. We’re very proud of it.

We are crushing on Pinder not just because she is seven different ways of gorgeous but because any woman open enough to be approached by a total stranger on a beach is cool in our book. Imagine a guy, modeling contract in hand or not, trying to approach Pinder on a beach. The intimidation factor alone could make a fella sweat through his Speedo. We get tongue tied just talking to an attractive beach tag checker. “Our beach tags? Yes, we have them. They are in our pants. Our other pants! Not like “our pants” as if we were being sexual or disgusting. It’s just…nevermind.”