A cool band stopped by the WGRD studios this week to say hi and play us a couple of their songs, totally stripped down and acoustic.  So stripped down, there wasn't even any furniture in the room!

Seriously.  Because of the movie filming in the station, we had to sneak off into an abandoned room to hang out and jam!

Check out this band, the Lovehammers, from Chicago.  If the singer looks familiar, then you saw episodes of that short-lived show Rock Star:INXS!  He was the runner-up that season, and was already rocking with his band, then called the Swinging Lovehammers.  These guys are in a WAY better place than the winner of Rock Star:INXS, since apparently the dude is homeless and bandless!

Can you guess who had them knock the swinging off their name?

Nikki Sixx.  They met at some shows in New York, got to become friends, and Nikki said, "You gotta lose that swinging s*** from your band name.  Then you'd be awesome!"

And here they are.

Price I Pay

Into the Insane

Check out the official video for their newest song, Price I Pay: