If you're sitting around thinking that this is going to be a boring weekend, think again.  There's a lot of stuff happening in the area this weekend!  If you're attached, these can be fun things for you to do as a couple.  If you're not, these could be some great places to meet people!

  • Tonight's Free Beer and Hot Wings Live at Night show will be amazing.  We guarantee.  If you're looking to pick someone up, here's why it's good: it's at a club with a bar, and the girls (or guys) will have a sense of humor.  Big points right there.
  • Speaking of women with a sense of humor, there's still a bunch of Laughfest stuff going on, so you're bound to find somewhere to hang out and laugh, while eyeing the ladies as sneakily as you can.
  • If you're looking for a girl/guy with some brain cells left, the GR Museum is reopening their Planetarium this weekend.  They spent a ton of money on it, so it should be really cool to nap in check out the solar system and stuff in.  And if you're into the Librarian Look (I am), you might find true love!
  • The Monster Jam Thunder Nationals are going on this weekend at the Van Andel, too!  Not only will you get to see vehicle destruction and more, but you could meet some nice girls that can out-shoot and out-drink you!  Nothing wrong with that at all!
  • The Women's Expo and Spring Bridal Show is going on this weekend at DeVos Place, and while you might think, "But it's all engaged chicks planning their wedding"…think again!  The brides will ALWAYS have some other ladies in tow, checking out the stuff, and remember, watching a friend get married really makes women want to find themselves a guy, too.  At least, that's what I've heard.
  • Irish on Ionia is tomorrow, for those who enjoy some parade action and green beer.  You can start the weekend off like the Irish do, at 7am, drinking!  Nothing makes people more attractive to you than sixteen hours of drinking during the day.  You'll pull a number for sure.
  • Guys, I know the next words are some of the most verboten around, but hear me out.  There's a musical you can check out this weekend.  Seriously, if you're single, women freaking LOVE musicals.  You'd look all "sensitive" and "tuned in", whatever that means, and you could walk home with a lot of digits.  Don't forget the earplugs.
  • If you're already married, have some kids, there's stuff for you, too!  Take the family to the Saladin Shrine Circus at the DeltaPlex.  The kids will love it, and maybe the wife will be terrified on clowns and afraid to sleep…so she'd be awake in bed with you at night.  Do I have to spell it out?
    If you're single, there could be a MILLION single moms out there to troll on.
    Either way, you're golden.