Man, sometimes drunk chicks are so much fun to get drunk with! Because sometimes when chicks get all hammered they start talking about all the dirty freaky sex stuff they like! Last weekend I was out at the bar with a group of people and two of the chicks with our group got wasted and started talking about their sex fantasies, and they said that most chicks, if not all, have these fantasies! What do you think? True, or were these chicks just drunk and horny? Hahaha!

Here are the top five things these chicks said most chicks fantasize about.

1- Making a sex tape- they said if you have not done it yet, you will! . And the only reason you have not done it yet is because you think you won't look good on camera, or you think it will somehow find its way to the internet. (which it probably will)

2- Having a sex slave- Huh? Apparently a ton of chicks dream about having a dude, or chick, that will just do whatever they want whenever they want.

3- Sex with two guys- Yuukk! Even though they said most chicks are pretty easily talked into getting it on with you and another chick, what they really want is to be pounded by two dudes at once. That’s just not right.

4- sex in public- Apparently the thought of getting caught with your pants around your ankles in public is a huge turn on for you girls, according to these two drunk chicks that is.

5- The Safe Rape Fantasy- they said lots of chicks like the "safe rape" fantasy with their husbands or boyfriends because it frees them to do the dirty things they wouldn't otherwise do, because "its not their fault.”

Girls? What do you think? Are these two chicks I was drinking with right on the money? Or were they just two wacked out drunk chicks talking a bunch of sex gibberish? Beats the hell out of me.