Hour 1

The show was live from Portland, ME this morning and the first hour of the show was Best-of. It included the following segments: Spelling bee dork, You won't believe what I stole and Zane wants to fight at the gym.

Hour 2

For only the third time, we took the show live on the road this morning! We broadcast live from Port City Music Hall in Portland, ME with our affiliate 106.3 The Bone. Zane skipped dinner last night because he had to do his crazy triathlon workouts. Free Beer told us about the awkward small talk that he and Producer Joe had on the way to the airport yesterday. He asked a really dumb question. Hangover 2 opened in theaters yesterday so we took the opportunity to read some of the reviews. Not surprisingly, the reviews all basically said that the movie was exactly the same as the original. What do men and women find attractive about each other? We went over a list and asked for listeners to call in and add to the list.

Hour 3

We were pretty surprised to see that a group of cheerleaders was in trouble for hazing new recruits to the team. We asked for people to call in with their hazing stories and also discussed groups that were less likely to haze than cheerleaders. It was hard to come up with them. While out in Portland yesterday, Producer Joe did his latest stunt inspired by Oprah Winfrey. It was called Producer Joe's Talk Like Oprah Challenge. You'll be able to see the video for that later this weekend.

Hour 4

We replayed the audio of Zane's daughter freaking out over American Idol from yesterday's show. There has been a huge response to the video, most of it being positive, but we also discussed some of the a-hole emails that have come in. In today's FBHW Report, we played audio of Dana Carvey's Arnold impression on a late night show, audio of Oprah "going naughty" and gave an update on Ed Schultz. We closed the hour with the first ever live Women's Forum with four female members of the live audience participating.

Hour 5

We had a list this morning of four things that you should never buy at a garage sale. While we agreed with most of the things on the list, we of course had to add our own suggestions. An email came in during the break that kind of derailed the show a bit. We were planning to talk about something completely different, but ended up convincing Free Beer to tell his now famous story about the events surrounding his first radio job interview. We closed the live show by talking about the newest product that promotes abstinence called "purity panties". Have a good Memorial Day weekend. Talk to you on Tuesday!