Memphis, Tenn. rockers Skillet are gearing up to release their ninth studio album Rise next month. Listen to the title track below.

Skillet fans will feel right at home with "Rise". The alternating vocals between lead singer John Cooper and drummer Jen Ledger is similar to previous songs like "Awake and Alive," from Skillet's 2009 album Awake. "Rise" begins with electronic keys sprinkled with piano before the heavy guitar riffs kick in.

The theme of "Rise" is about standing up and fighting for what you believe in. "Tonight, we rise!" Cooper screams. The track ends on a darker note with sound clips representing the current ills of the world. The montage starts with a 911 call from a woman who says a man is at her home with a gun, a news anchor talking about high unemployment, an emergency dispatch call and a man saying he wishes he was never born. This is some heavy stuff.

Rise will drop in stores June 25 via Atlantic Records. Singer John Cooper told Loudwire that the record is Skillet's first concept album. “The narrative idea happened after we had 10 or 11 of the songs chosen," the singer says. "As we recorded them, we started to realize that there was something going on — that the album was really telling a story. Realizing that, I knew we needed to make it as powerful as we could.”

Listen to "Rise" and tell us what you think in the comments section.

Listen to Skillet's "Rise"