Evanescence fans eagerly awaiting the release of their upcoming self-titled album next week can get another small sample of what to expect. The band is streaming a new song from the record entitled "End of the Dream".

Frontwoman Amy Lee has stated in the past that the new album would incorporate more electronica.

"I remember when I first heard MGMT, their first record – I loved it, loved it," the singer told Rolling Stone. "I have always loved Portishead, Massive Attack, those electro things. I finally found the sweet spot was combining the two things, combining Evanescence with some new elements."

The new album is set to be released October 11, which would be their first since 2006's The Open Door. Lee wishes the gap between records wasn't so long and was adamant that the self-titled had to come out ASAP.

"We really wanted it to be out this year," Lee told NME. "It’s been too long. I was like, ‘I’m not waiting until 2012, we have to push this through and make it happen this fall!'"

Listen to "End of the Dream" below and tell us what you think.

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