Limp Bizkit are back on the market as they have been dropped from their label, Interscope Records. The two parties decided to end their partnership due to poor sales of their comeback album, Gold Cobra.

Frontman Fred Durst confirmed the news in a recent appearance on the Poolside With Dean Delray podcast (via NME). Durst said the band's newly unsigned status doesn't bother them and is happy with the way Gold Cobra turned out, despite the lackluster album sales.

"One of the things with Gold Cobra was that it was a record for us to do for ourselves, for the core fans, for some of the people that we know in the industry," explains Durst. "It wasn't our step forward to make a big pop, smash radio record; we just didn't want to make that record at that time. We have been working for a while now to renavigate where we are going to take Limp Bizkit and finally we have been able to get off our label and become independent."

The vocalist states that Limp Bizkit will focus a lot more on touring than releasing albums, and believes that locking themselves up in a studio to make records has had a negative impact along with the benefits.

"We just want to go play a concert and crush it and turn it into a big-ass party," states Durst. "The record thing sort of kind of always got in our way, but it's part of the game and we love writing music and it happened that we had some songs that became popular and we never thought that would happen. So with this way, we can still go tour."

Durst also went into how the touring game is different between the United States and the rest of the world.

"We do very, very good on our touring, and we mainly tour outside the United States," explains Durst. "It seems like in the United States, they're waiting on a song, they're waiting on a hit, and the rest of the world doesn't necessarily operate that way. So I'm waiting until we can really give them something they can sink their teeth into and then they can be reminded about how ill Limp Bizkit is live."

Gold Cobra was released this past June and was Limp Bizkit's first album in six years.

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