Do you know what a toilet fetish is? Apparently it is a fetish where watching someone go to the bathroom brings you pleasure. This next guy must have had an extreme toilet fetish, because what he did is unthinkable! This chick friend I have that is big into yoga told me this one when we were drinking the other night.

In Boulder Colorado, there were holding some big yoga festival, so a bunch of chicks were there stretching, and bending over, and wrapping their yoga legs around their yoga heads, and a bunch of them were farting too. Chicks fart sometimes when they do yoga. Well, when one yoga chicks had to pee, she scooted on over the one of porta potties, and let her rip. But when she was finished, she noticed something moving in the bottom of the toilet! And I'm talking about underneath, like down in the hole where the human waste goes!

So yoga chick number one, leaves the porta potty, and asks yoga chick number two, if she will go in the porta potty and see if she see's anything moving, and sure enough, yoga chick number 2 does see something moving. It was a guy! A guy hiding down in the bottom of the receptacle of the porta potty! He was laying down there, covered in feces and urine just so he could watch chicks take dumps and pees! Yoga chick number 1 & 2 quickly called over a security guard, and while dirty toilet fetish guy heard all the commotion, he climbed out of the toilet and started to run away, security chased the guy, but guy stunk like hell because he was covered in human waste, so security decided that they pretty much wanted nothing to do with a creepy, dirty stinky guy that just crawled out of the bottom of a porta potty and just let him run away.

Then they called real cops and reported the incident, and real cops are still looking for the guy! How freaking disturbing and disgusting is that one! And as far as I know cops still have not caught the guy! There is still an extreme toilet fetish poopy bandit creepy guy on the loose! Glad I don't live in Boulder!