Every time a new Zelda game comes out, it generates a lot of buzz. Why? Well, all of the games are so damn good. Dungeon exploring, action, adventure, storyline, all that good crap. Turns out Nintendo has cranked out another Zelda game. Competing with games like Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim, Wii's motion controls, and focus on the Wii Motion Plus, is this really worth shaking your wrist too?

First things first, it is a Zelda game. Zelda get's captured, Link has to save her and beat Ganon, Zant, or whomever the villian is this time. We have seen it all before, but with Zelda, we let it pass. Why? 'Cause it's freakin' Zelda and shut the 'eff up if you don't agree.

Anyway, it's a load of fun. WHAAA? Yea, it's actually really good. This is the Zelda game us patient Wii owners have been waiting for. The motion control is SPOT ON! Swing your arm left, right, diagonal, Link will do the same on the game. Hold the nunchuck in front of you, and you have a shield. FINALLY! What took Nintendo soooo long to figure this out? Oh right....it's Nintendo....and it's save it's best for last mentality.

It has a different way of telling the story this time, Link and Zelda are childhood friends! Which has never been done. Also there seems to be some strange 'love' connection between the two also. It's a nice and welcoming twist to the formula we are used too. What happens next? Zelda get's captured and you gotta save her!

The best thing about this game though, it the involvement and creative story telling. I didn't even get to the first dungeon till about 3 hours into the game because of how much story there is. Thus leading me to thinking this game is FULL of content.

If you get this game soon, you will also get the Zelda 25th Anniversary Edition Symphony Soundtrack, which is actually bad ass to hear.

If you like Zelda, you would be an idiot to not get this game. Put down Skyrim of CoD: MW3 for a bit and play this.