It's not hard to fall in love with Reddit, in fact, it's quite easy. Especially when you are already in love with League of Legends. On /r/leagueoflegends you can find, pr team updates, guides, podcasts, articles, blogs, art, music, and more! That's why I decided to make this blog, 'Last Month On Reddit League Of Legends'. Each day I will take the top /r/leagueoflegends content and catalog it. At the end each month, you'll get a post like this. So take a look back at what happened on /r/leagueoflegends in April! *The top content is taken between 4-6pm each day depending when I am able to do so.

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    Two years ago we could purchase this badboy for 5RP, I can't help it to feel "Meh" about the last two April Fools days.

    740 Up votes - 216 Down votes

    April Fools Day brought back memories of of Urf Day, a tragic day in League of Legends history. An image of Warwick's Urf skin was in the number one slot to remind Riot that they have had lack luster April Fools promotions the last few years.April Fools also brought a nice little prank thanks to the mods of /r/leagueoflegends and /r/heroesofnewerth. The two subreddits swapped their feeds for the day causing /r/leagueoflegends readers to see /r/heroesofnewerth and vice versa. The number one submission on /r/heroesofnewerth was entitled 'Something happened to my HoN client. Anyone else get this?' #1 Comment

    • I got unbelievably excited when I saw the Fizz skin.  Then I realized I'm broke and don't have enough RP to buy it and still have enough for Pulsefire Ezreal.  Throw in Bunnygirl Riven and I'm just a big pile of sad and confused.
      -Vyryv  63 Up votes - 6 Down votes
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    AFK Summoners in Ranked should be given a dodge, not an auto-picked champion.

    2,322 Up votes - 994 Down votes

    The top spot on the 2nd addressed a common complaint about AFK summoners in champion select. This has always been a problem for as long as I can remember. The OP basically calls out summoners who queue for a match then proceed to be AFK for champion select. If you queue... DON'T GO AND DO SOMETHING ELSE! You are ruining other people's experiences, not cool.

    #1 Comment

    • Why does ranked matter? Do it for all modes. It is so annoying when it happens
      -madman19  354 Up votes - 26 Down votes
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    Has anyone else noticed this in the store yet?

    621 Up votes - 230 Down votes

    The number one post for April 3rd was a screenshot of a Riot fail. Riot announced that Blitzcrank Corki and Rumble would be on sale through the 6th. Yet, the image that they posted was of Heimer Corki and Rumble. C'mon Riot... Rookie mistake.

    #1 Comment

    • Definitely not Blitzcrank.
      -Cigajk  179 Up votes - 23 Down votes
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    When even the captcha in the tribunal is against you

    766 Up votes - 241 Down votes

    Bahahahahahaha. This one is good. The OP was a screenshot of a captcha for tribunal. The captcha reads: "U G A Y". Perhaps JohnnyTeqilla is gay, perhaps he isn't... we may never know. Oh, and one more thing, Manamune on Sivir? Really?

    #1 Comment

      -blitz_bot  107 Up votes - 14 Down votes
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    Update on Jatt

    803 Up votes - 232 Down votes

    Jatt, ex-pro player and shoutcaster, made his way onto the top Reddit posts with an update about his current employment status. Jatt joined Riot! Congrats to him, he will be working as an Associate Game Analyst. More importantly, Jatt enjoys Rubik's Cubes and juggling.

    #1 Comment

    • Best of luck Jatt, good to see it all worked out for you :)
      -qvDeman 353 Up votes - 32 Down votes (who downvotes these types of comments?)
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    Battle Bunny Riven skin is now available on the store!!!

    620 Up votes - 185 Down votes

    Of course, when Battle Bunny Riven hits the store, it's big news. One of the most anticipated skins of all time take the top spot on Reddit the day it was released.

    #1 Comment

    • Posting this again as it may not get as much attention in the other thread:

      Skin is cool, but it needs some attention. I can't imagine it will stay this way, if so it's a big oversight and fairly sloppy. See images below:

      Grip without ultimate:

      Grip with ultimate:

      She's not holding the sword properly. The normal skin holds it properly while the Redeemed skin is a bit off as well, but the Battle Bunny's giant white glove really shows the error.

      Aside from that the ground effects from Q is a nice change, too. Cool skin overall.

      -CS_83 78 Up votes - 3 Down votes

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    Sexy Evelynn Cosplay at PAX East

    3,085 Up votes - 1,785 Down votes

    A photo from PAX East took the top spot on the 8th. This really doesn't need to much explanation... Eve be stealthed, hilarity ensues.

    #1 Comment

    • Hover hand strikes again.
      -Djuzuh 268 Up votes - 19 Down votes
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    Summoner's Rift

    725 Up votes - 181 Down votes

    The bored in class doodle of the month definitely goes to the artist behind this maze. It's a friggin hard maze too. It took me about 4 or 5 print outs and a solid 30 minutes of not working here at the Radio Station. For that, I thank the OP for making my job better. :)

    #1 Comment

    • mimics the pathing in this game pretty closely
      -Narrenschifff 130 Up votes - 19 Down votes
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    3,212 Up votes - 1,728 Down votes

    This is definitely the fan skin of the month. Excellent job done by MaTTcom! The next step is to continually petition Riot on the forums to get this skin in the game. It's worked before. So, put on your troll faces and spam this skin on the forums!

    #1 Comment

      -Renjishi 528 Up votes - 97 Down votes
    Deviantart - MaTTcom
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    So unnecessary...But had to.

    1,482 Up votes - 425 Down votes

    Juking in order to survive is one thing, but juking just to piss of an enemy player is a whole other thing. Quite possibly one of the funniest series of jukes I have ever seen. Well done, turnzdatburnz. <- with="" a="" name="" like="" that,="" it="" makes="" the="" whole="" situation="" extra="" troll.<="" p="">

    #1 Comment

    • I can't even imagine how terrible it feels to be that Nocturne. You can see he starts to recognize the pattern, but he keeps thinking "surely this guy is going to stop trolling me" and plays accordingly, expecting eventually you'll leave the bushes. Nope.
      -many-people 205 Up votes - 32 Down votes

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    Found in my university paper this morning...

    1,816 Up votes - 827 Down votes

    Sure, it doesn't make all the sense in the world, but I get the drift. Purdue University printed this cartoon in their student news paper last month. You crazy college kids and your "printed word" news papers.

    #1 Comment

    • These homework


      -Ravek 164 Up votes - 19 Down votes

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    New loading screen idea! (p.s. not my work)

    4,286 Up votes - 2,976 Down votes

    How sweet would this be!? The only change to the loading screen in the last 2 years was the addition of the skin name... That hardly seems like enough. Riot, if you can make this flavor of loading screen possible, you should make it happen.

    #1 Comment

  • 14

    A nice little change on the PBE

    708 Up votes - 192 Down votes

    The top spot on the 14th goes to a change that happened first on the PBE servers. They changed the 'fall back' ping to be 'be careful.' This change is only for when you don't ping on an ally, enemy, or structure. Those ping warnings remained the same.

    #1 Comment

    • Now we just need a "That's warded" ping.
      -Suberr 350 Up votes - 16 Down votes