On December 3rd, the Orbit Room will be taken over by HellYeah, In Flames, and of course, Lamb of God. Lamb of God has defiantly been through some crap this year, but like all good metal bands, you pick yourself off, dust off, and set out on another tour. I got the chance to catch up with bassist John Campbell of Lamb of God!

How did this tour get rollin'?

"Well we had to cancel our last tour, until we had a solid footing knowing where our singer was. We had to get out on tour and finally tour the US for this record that came out in January."

You guys were going to tour originally with Dethklok, how come this time around they didn't join you?

"What it really comes down to is that these tours a planned many months in advance. So by the time that we were able to know that we could commit the time, we were putting together that package. Dethklok had other things going on, and were not available."

Obviously the biggest news in the band is the recent incarceration of vocalist Randy Blythe, what are the current stats of that situation?

"Well, it's good to get him home. At this point,we are just kinda in a holding pattern just waiting to see what the authorities over there come back with. Whether or not they want to continue this or let it go at this point, I am not really sure."

Check out the full interview below!