Ever think to yourself, "Self, I really want an overpriced milkshake with gold and a Swarovski crystal ring in it. That'll really bring all the boys to the yard."? No? Well, that's because you're normal. But, if you ever did think such a thing, there's a restaurant in Los Angeles that's about to make your dreams come true. 

The Powder Room, a restaurant set to open in LA that boasts "Hollywood-esque" features such as white snake skin bar stools, a black marble-topped bar, curved wood walls, and storefront-esque windows, all of which were inspired by imagery associated with Hollywood studio glamour.

According to Eater LA, they will also be serving a milkshake that will set you back $500 (plus tax, I'd assume) that will include edible gold, Belgian chocolate, and that coveted Swarovski crystal ring. You know, for when you want to bring the uber-fancy, likely douchey, boys to your yard.