If you like running around in games killing, stealing, doing hookers, and grabbing headshots, this game.....is not really for you, but sort of.

L.A Noire is a huge step in the right direction for games. It takes place in 1940's Hollywood, and no, you are not a gangster. You are a detective solving a murder, but if you think this is going to be easy....guess again. You have to point out EVERY CLUE, even the smallest ones to figure out the truth. This game is very story driven. Yea, you can go killing people and whatnot, but it is refreshing to see a game that has some sort of control to it.

Now here is the major part, this game uses brand new "Motion Scan Technology." What's that? Well, there are over 600 ACTUAL ACTORS in this game, and they captured every single action, body movement, and voice into a digital format. The kicker especially, you need to determine if someone is lying by FACIAL EXPRESSION!!! Now, that is EFFIN' SWEET! Seriously, this is what may happen in movies very quickly.

This game may revolutionize how games are created, and is step in the right direction for major advancement in games.

This game is due out for Xbox 360 and Playstation 3 on May 17th.