Bryan Bedder/Getty Images

Korn may have released their album, Korn III: Remember Who You Are, last year, but that’s not stopping them from getting to work on a new record.  Guitarist Munky Shaffer has revealed that the band will enter the studio in April.
Kerrang! reports that a few new demos have a Soundgarden feel to them.

"We went into the studio a couple of months ago," says Munky.  "We wrote some songs, Jonathan [Davis, vocalist] demoed the songs on his computer, and then we took them into the studio and played them live and tweaked them a little bit.  They're cool.  They kind of remind me a little bit of the Soundgarden style, that sort of Seattle sound. The other songs are sort of different, a little more in the experimental stage right now.  We'll probably start recording in April to try and fine tune this sound we're developing."

Not sure what to think about that.  Korn are trying to sound grunge instead of nu-metal?  I get trying to evolve, but this doesn't like the best idea.  What do you think?  Is it too soon to be working on a new album?

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