King of the Wing is quickly approaching! Now, on that day, I will not have a lot of time to go out and sample some of the delicious wings. Instead, I chose to go to these places themselves and try them out!

This time we stopped by Wing Doozy on Plainfield!

We were given 3 different sauces to try on the wings. Which were:

  • Tennessee Bourbon
  • Spicy Garlic Parmesan
  • Medium Doozy
What's really cool about Wing Doozy is that all of their sauces are made in house! No shipping from anywhere, it is purely THEIR sauce!

The Tennessee Bourbon was my first one that I tried, and was voted by fans on their Facebook as their favorite sauce. The cool thing about this sauce is that their is actual Bourbon in the sauce! Which gave it a unique flavor I haven't tasted before. I can taste why this is the favorite among wing fans.

The Medium Doozy was my next wing. It had a really nice flavor to it! It was nicely coated with the Doozy sauce and had a hint of spice to it. This sauce is meant for those who want a little heat, but just enough to enjoy it.

The last sauce I tried was by far my favorite, the Spicy Garlic Parmesan. This wing just sold it for me. It had a really good flavor to it with a nice light coating of Parmesan. It started off nice and sweet, and then rounded the corners with a good spice. The spice wasn't overbearing, but just enough to remind you that you ate a delicious wing. Check out the vid below as I enjoy this wing!

This is one place you need to check out at their location, and of course at King of The Wing on April 26th! Thanks to Danielle for having us and letting us sample their delicious food!