Originally when I set up this interview, I was under the impression that I was talking to just vocalist Jesse Leach again. Last time we chatted, we talked on the future of the band, and had some serious stuff that we covered. Then I heard I was also interviewing Adam D along with Jesse...put these two together, and your bound to get one interesting interview.

The chemistry that these two showcase with each other is quite fun to watch. I set up the interview with my normal questions...you know...how a NORMAL interview goes. Instead what happened is the the mic's shut down, and was forced to use the FLIP cams microphone. WINGING IT, is the proper thing to day here. Before this craziness ensued, me and Jesse caught up from last time and he asked, "Where is Adam?" and drummer Justin said, "Taking a massive s**t." Apparently Adam, has been on a steady diet of Beer and Hot Sauce...Sure, I had my typical questions I asked to keep the ball rolling, but these guys took it over and we had a lot of fun just talking. As an interviewer, I couldn't have asked for more.

Things to look out for in this video:

1-Adam D taking sips of water...2-Jesse and I talk Sim City, Adam calls Jesse NERD!...3-The possible creation of hot sauce beer...4-Drummer Justin Foley at the end (see if you can spot him in the mirror)...5-Adam throws a water bottle at me

ALL THIS AND MORE in the video below \m/


Right below is the PREVIOUS interview I did when Jesse was JUST coming back to Killswitch..check that out too!