You can bet this kid will never see another second of freedom again for the rest of his life. Its another one from the bar stool. My favorite bartender who used to work win Florida told me about this one. 17 year old kid named Tyler from Port St Lucie Florida, he posted a party invitation on facebook around noon on a Saturday, then he walked upstairs with a claw hammer, and beat both his parents to death with the claw hammer!

Then he dragged both their dead bloody bodies into their bedroom, covered their bodies with clothes and towels and books, then went back down stairs to get things ready for the party! Holy crap is right! And a couple hours later, about 50 or 60 people showed up for the party and they all had no idea the kid had just beat his parents to death with a claw hammer, so they just partied their brains out.

Well, about 1:30am in the morning cops got a noise complaint, they show up, kick everyone still left at the party out and then leave. Well, someone at the party must have discovered the dead bodies, because about 3 hours later cops get an anonymous tip about the murders, so they came back to the kids house and find mom and dads dead bodies all bloody and beaten and hidden upstairs in the bedroom.

How anyone could do that to their own mom and dad is beyond me man, I hope that kid gets the death penalty, but he probably won't my bartender chick friend told me prosecutors charged him as an adult, but since he was only 17 they said they probably won't seek the death penalty. What a huge load of crap!