This is an example of why all you mothers out there should make sure your kids can't possibly get their hands on your adult toys.

Here are my initial thoughts after seeing the video...

1.  That thing is so large, I'm surprised by its color.

2.  If you're not careful, that kid might bring the massive dong to t-ball practice.

3.  The mom is kinda hot, can we please see another video without the kid?

4.  Kids have a tendency to put everything in their mouths.  Thank God that didn't happen here.

5.  She's gonna have to trash that thing and buy a new one.  The kid's hands were all over it, how can you possibly block that out of your mind the next time you're wanting to use it?  Plus, who knows where that kid's hands have been.  Kids are germ farms.

6.  There's a lot of laughter, but I don't really find anything about this to be funny.

7.  How big is this chick's box?  I mean, look at the size of that thing!