Been a while since I've seen the guys in Pop Evil. They hit the Intersection December 29th & with tickets at just $10 in advance and a lot of people with some down time between the holidays, I'm thinkin' this show is gonna be packed and just a load of fun.

Came across one of their videos I had forgotten about and thought I'd share.  Can't believe I forgot about this one as with most PE videos Leigh is usually singing next to some really hot half naked chick that my wife swears I stare at too intensely.  Oh well, no need to fear that here dear (unless you find mafia-like guys like Don Pazzo sexy) because the lack of good ol' sexy half naked chicks is made up with good ol' fashioned whoopin's and head bashing with baseball bats or Dean Guitars....I wasn't sure which.

Anyway, you watch and fill me in and I'll see you at The Intersection next Thursday night and maybe we can get mafia head Don Pazzo to bash a few skulls in for old times sake.  Badda boom badda bing hey!