"ST mother f'n P" (a dahmer nickname for the band) rocks out at 'Rock The Rapids' tomorrow night. And after more than a year of solid performances, I think the Scott Weiland-unpredictability-factor can be put to bed now.  They put on a great show last time they were in town. The band sounded tight and the LED-light backdrop was pretty amazing, with scenes of a flight of a city, rolling fields, ocean waves, color collages and more.  It's incredibly tough to pick just 5 kick ass STP tunes, but I suppose if I had to narrow the field to just five well--the following would be my pick:

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    'Interstate Love Song'

    This is my favorite "chill" song.  After a long week there's nothing like grabbing a beer on the back deck and letting this song fill the air- just does it for me anyway.

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    'Trippin' On A Hole In A Paper Heart'

    "I am I am I said I'm not myself, but I'm not dead and I'm not for sale!" Who hasn't caught themselves walking around humming those lines?  Catchy little ear worm now isn't it?  Ten says it sticks in your head the rest of the day.

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    I almost left this song off the list because of the creepy clown in the video, but then I realized STP created a rock song using the word Vasoline.  And not in the straight ahead sexual way you'd expect either, so you gotta get some props for that right?

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    'Wicked Garden'

    I love this song for two reasons. One it just kicks ass and two--I'm always reminded of Beavis and Butthead.  Don't ask why, I must have seen an episode on MTV with B&B featuring this song. This is probably something locked away in my brain during a drunken stupor in the 90's. 

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    'Sex Type Thing'

    LOVE this song - HATE that Scott needs to take his shirt off and "white guy" dance every time it's performed live.  Please feel free to wave to me as you'll spot me turning away from the stage when they perform it live on Tuesday!