Motley Crue & Poison hit the Van Andel Wednesday night. My membership in 80's hair band Alyze may have cost me a morning of humiliation from Free Beer & Hot Wings but it more than qualifies me to come up with the Top 5 Crue songs of all time. So here we go - your 80's expert JT picks the top 5 Crue songs of all time. Enjoy~

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    Shout at the Devil

    The anthem "Shout at the Devil". I should clarify the studio version of this tune rocks but stay away from any live versions as it seems like Vince just mumbles his way through the song in any live performance that I've seen anyway. "So come now children of the beast - be strong and shout at the devil" (NOTE: MUST be quoted with rock horns or you're a poser)

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    Wild Side

    From The 1987 Album Girls, Girls, Girls comes the gem "Wild Side". Matter of fact, now that I think about it, it was the only good song worth a s___ off this Album. Strippers would argue with me over the validity of Girls, Girls, Girls but then I would point out the song "Bad Boy Boogie" from that same album and they would be forced to give me back the money I had just stuffed in their G-String.

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    Helter Skelter

    The only cover song the Crue should have ever done (You heard me "Mama Don't Dance"). This especially rocks when accompanied by the set up instrumental "God Bless The Children of The Beast". Charles Manson wouldn't have killed anybody had he been mesmerized by the Crue version of the song instead of the lame Beatles version.

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    10 Seconds To Love

    The perfect romantic love song to blare when you're home alone with that special someone, after-all who has time for all that romance / foreplay crap. Thank you Motley Crue for teaching us a great time management technique that everyone could employ.

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    Live Wire

    This is the song that made all my bands famous. Well, I mean if you define the 10-12 friends of the band who suffered through our s___ practices in an attempt at rock stardom as famous. Still a good song and hey - it helped us get laid cause we were a "LIVE WIRE" NOTE: Must be screamed with rock horns or your lame. Ok, we never got laid cause we were awful musicians (and fugly) but it was fun to dream.