Time for the Divisional round matchups.

Division rivals JETS and PATS battle for the third time this season, as will the Baltimore Ravens and the Pittsburgh Steelers.

In the The NFC -

The Seahawks travel to tangle with the NFC North champion Bears while the hottest team (Green Bay) roll into into the Georgia Dome where virtually everyone loses.

Here's how I see it~

Green Bay will win…

because the NFC's best defense and best quarterback aren't losing.  Rodgers is going to have all day to throw against the Falcons & the pack have only given up 36 points in their last three contests and that means their defense is currently the best in all of football.

Chicago will win…

because there's no way Seattle is scoring lots of points against the Bears in Chicago in the middle of January. Hasselbeck is a great story and all but it wouldn't surprise me one bit to see him knocked out of the game by halftime. Besides, the roller coaster Seahawks haven't managed to put together a three-game winning streak once this season. This is a team due for a double-digit loss.

Pittsburgh will win…

because the Steeler pass rush is going to put a hurtin' on Joe Flacco. Flacco has put up pretty good numbers lately but his inability to read and sense blitzes, as well as his offensive line crumbling around him, was clumsy & awckward and lets face it - a Kansas City pass rush, isn't anything to write home about.

New England will win…

because the Jets aren't good and both teams know it. Take away the last drive in Indianapolis on Saturday night and Mark Sanchez was horrendous against the Colts, missing open receiver after open receiver. New England is a team that will take advantage of every single mistake Sanchez makes, and they'll likely be many.

Who do you think will win?