I saw an article in the Daily News about a guy who decided he was gonna antagonize a group of bar patrons after they've all had a load to drink.  The guy ended up getting his ass kicked pretty badly all because he made ONE silly mistake in his quest to go all Hulk-like on some fellow drunkards.  To keep you from maybe making this same stupid mistake in the future - allow me to present JT's  Bar Fight Etiquette list.


1. Anyone worth hitting is worth hitting twice.

2. Once a man is down, never bruise your knuckles when you are wearing a perfectly good boot.

3) If you're a Bartender -PROTECT YOUR TIP JAR.  After that - divvy up any of the participant's dates when they all got hauled down to the county lock up.

4) Don't dick around, the fight could be a short one - take bets immediately.

5) DON'T set your gun down

The guy pictured above didn't follow #5 . Despite having the advantage he decides to set his gun down.  WHY on earth when you had the edge on a group of drunks would you do that?  Of course the minute he set the gun down to go all Mike Tyson on their asses, they reciprocated the favor by all piling on the dumb shlep and pounding the crap out of him.  This was AFTER he brandished knives on them too.  No wonder he got the kickin' of a lifetime serves him right for being the worst bar brawler ever.

What was the worst bar fight you saw or were involved in?